Course Overview

The MasseryPT LLC physical therapy lab courses are 3-days long domestically, and 4-days long internationally.  There are 4 primary courses and Mary Massery also presents lectures as requested at large conferences and specialty forums around the globe.  Her primary courses include:

  1. Mary’s signature course: “If You Can’t Breathe, You Can’t Function,” which is focused on exploring the relationship between breathing & postural control.
  2. The follow-up course:“Advanced Pulmonary Course.”  The “Breathing” course above is a pre-requisite for attending the “Advanced” course.
  3. Mary’s PNF course: “PNF: Refreshed!  40 Years of Mary Massery Tweaks,´ which focuses on current applications of PNF principles to handling techniques and problem solving.
  4. Mary’s newest course: “I Survived, Now What?,” which focuses on the musculoskeletal consequences of maturing around a chronic health condition (both pediatric and adult conditions).